Name IP Address Map Players
(-TN-) Payload Rotation ?/32
(-TN-) Turbine 24/7 ?/32
(-TN-) Left For Dead 2 ?/8
(-TN-) Mumble ?/100

About That "Donation" Thing...

One of the things that was mentioned at last nights meeting that caught my ear today was directly related to funds brought in by TopNotchClan.

In the past these funds were defined as "Donations". This will not be the case as we move forward. All fees paid, will be "fee for service". The fees will be used to pay for server costs, domain names, licensing and other expenses directly related to the operations of the systems.

I will not be taking any "wages" out of the fees paid. Actually I have put money out of my pocket to cover spin up costs of new servers. Not to mention I have over 40+ hours sunk in project time already let alone the custom programming that Jorm and I are doing on our time.

Please understand this is not a money making venture for me. I will be lucky if I make back my initial investment over the next 5 years. I do this because I like the community, I do this because I enjoy it.

For those worried about the change coming, talk with Cy, Jorm or Myself and we will be upfront with you. There are no secrets. We have moved towards there being three people at the top instead of one. We have increased the technical capacity exponentially. The new servers are already faster, and better managed than they ever have been. We are on 3 backbone providers, instead of one.

My goal for Top Notch is to make it a place for premium players and gaming.

Give us 6 months to build, I am sure you will love the changes.


Posted by: EvilGenius

Website Domain Names Have Been Relocated

We were able to get with waffles this week and obtain the, domain. For the time being, we will just have a place holder loaded on the website, but as soon as the hard drive with our forum data arrives in the mail, we will be putting the forums back online!

Thanks waffles and EvilGenius for working this out and getting us several steps closer to normal.

Thursday Night Gaming is Tonight!!! So join us in mumble.

I'm also trying to organize a clan members meeting in mumble so we can update everyone. I would like it to happen tonight, but with this short notice we may push it to Friday.

Thanks, Cy

Posted by: cyanidE

Community Update August 27, 2015

To all Top Notch Clan Members, this is cyanidE. I have news I’d like to share with you. Before I start, I’d like to ask that everyone make sure to join all of our steam groups. We’ll be using them to communicate with the community and the clan until our forums are back online.

They are:
Top Notch Clan
Top Notch Clan Members
Notch Clan VIP Members
Top Notch Clan Server Populating Squad
Top Notch Clan Left 4 Dead Community Group
Top Notch Community CS:GO

We also have a Reddit sub now at We will be putting all posts to that location as well.
*Please watch the main Top Notch Clan Steam Group for updates and announcements.

To summarize and update, waffles was hacked earlier this month, and as a consequence, had his already busy life complicated in an exponential way. He is expecting a baby anytime now, and with all of the recent violations into his personal life has decided his family must come first.

Therefore waffles has been working with myself, EvilGenius and Jormungandr to recover the original Top Notch Clans data and rebuild TN. The work so far has been on the technical side. The PLR and Turbine Servers are back, and a new Left For Dead 2 server is being configured as we speak. The Turbine server will be doing double duty as a PASS game mode server for the newest TF2 game mode.

The old website is currently MIA and may not be recoverable, Evil and Jorm are working on it and will have an update soon. In the mean time we will use Steam, Reddit, and Mumble for communication. We will know more before the end of the month.

Something else worth noting is [VIP] status. Right now we have the ability to reinstate your [VIP] on the gaming servers, but it takes manual entry. Contact Jorm with your steam ID and he’ll get you hooked back up. As far as down time, all donators that were current at the time of the crash will have their packages extended, and ALL regulars will be receiving free [VIP] benefits while we work on the servers and forums. After the forums are up and running, we’ll get all of the donator packages sorted out, and then figure out the expiration dates.

I’m excited to be moving forward and it’s really been great to see the positive response from our community. So many members & regs have shown up making the games everything I’ve come to expect from our Top Notch gamers. The servers are working great..thanks Jorm!

Moving forward Jorm, Evil, and myself are forming the management group that will be handling the day to day operations. I will serve as the Community Manager and essentially take the role originally held by DontWannaName and then later waffles. Jorm is the Technical Lead and Evil will support him. Jorms job will be to keep the servers running, add new maps, mods, and custom programming for server integration. Evil’s primary role will be our Business Manager and new clan owner. Evil will work on new servers purchases, promotions, billing systems and the like as well as custom code for the web services. All of us are responsible to you and will do everything we can to help in any way possible. Message any one of us, start a thread on reddit, Drop in to our channels on mumble, and when the forums come back up we will have the tech support forum.

I’d like to thank DWN, Waffles, and now EvilGenius for all of your efforts and for handling what must be the ‘not so fun part of gaming.’ Just not having the forums for these last few weeks has really made me appreciate the clan and all it does for me. I am sooo looking forward to the forums coming back online.

I’d also like to thank all our clan members and the community regulars for helping us create this awesome clan!!! It’s all of you that define the clan and I’m proud to be part of it.

Jorm, EG and I will be as available as possible, but keep in mind that we all have day jobs. I’ll keep the members updated as I have new details, and please...feel free to ask us any questions.

Thanks everybody,


Posted by: cyanidE